• Precision blend of MCT Oil + Coconut Oil
  • Rich in C8 Caprylic Acid for brain energy + C12 Lauric acid to fight cellular inflammation
  • Patent-pending Zero-Carb* technology
  • No acacia or corn fibers
  • Ideal to boost the fat content of your protein shakes or hot beverages
  • Completely instantized. Works well with tea/coffee

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Active Energy
Brain Fuel
Fat Burning
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Product Story

MCTs come from coconuts or palm kernels and are known to be an excellent source of energy for those on ketogenic diets. For years, we roamed the world carrying butter packets or coconut oil to fuel our brains (or mix with our protein shakes or coffees). We soon found out that all MCT powders in the market came with atleast 25-30% carbs or acacia /corn fibers. These products instantly put us out of ketosis (we call them keto gimmicks). Plus the anti-flammatory benefits of coconut oil were completely missing from these carb & fiber-loaded MCT powders.

THE ANSWER - Ketofuel® Original is our breakthrough, patent-pending FAT mix made with equal parts of MCT oil and coconut oil. The best part- it is completely ZERO CARB! Ketofuel® Original fuels many of our product formats across the Ketofuel® brand.


  • Caprylic Acid
  • Coconut Oil
  • Naturally Carb Free
  • Contains MCTs


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